Middle School Course Catalog

English Language Arts

Language arts is the study and improvement of the arts of language. The primary divisions in language arts are literature and language, where language in this case refers to both linguistics, and specific languages.


Mathematics courses are fully aligned to the Common Core.


In our science courses students examine a broad spectrum of scientific concepts like biology, chemistry and physics, and how these concepts are unified under disciplines like earth and environmental sciences.

Social Studies

Our Social Studies courses provide students with an opportunity to learn the diverse history that has shaped our world, and the social institutions that govern our daily lives.

World Languages

Our foreign language courses are aligned to state and national (ACTFL) standards and help students build a strong foundation in vocabulary, grammar, and communications in Spanish, French, German, Chinese, or Latin.

Subscription-based Electives

EDCO Collaborative offers a suite of eDynamic Learning electives on a subscription basis, allowing students to pursue a large range of interests in language arts, creative arts, STEM, and CTE. These electives are priced separately by semester enrollment.